Putting Up Hay Video

 Stacking Hay At Halliburton Farms British White Cattle Farm
Stacking Round Bales 3 High

     Watch the entire Putting Up Hay Video by clicking here to see the complete operation of hauling, unloading and stacking the hay. As you watch how smooth and with ease we handle these bales keep in mind that they are large 4′ by 6′ bales and weigh upwards of 1,000 pounds each.

     This video was made on June 19, 2009 at Halliburton Farms British White Cattle Ranch while we were putting up hay for the 2009-2010 fall and winter feeding season. We have discovered that round bales put up this way will last longer, our cattle seem to do better and there is a lot less waste. If stored outside for any length of time rain will soak, rot and mildew the outside up to a few inches making it a total waste.

      The hay in this video was produced and delivered by No Name Cattle Co. The truck driver in the video is Bradley Little from No Name Cattle Co and the tractor driver is David Halliburton.