Miniature Cattle

There are many reasons to raise miniature cattle.

     Miniature cattle are unique and some can be very colorful cattle.

     Excellent for people who enjoy caring for animals but want something besides a horse or dog.

     Breeders who enjoy these animals usually prefer “the smaller the better” and most miniatures are under 36 inches tall with miniature zebu being about the smallest purebred breed as well as their crosses.

     The small size of miniature cattle is not intimidating and it allows for easy caring for by even very young children. Many kids and their families enjoy animals but are intimidated the large animals.  Miniature cattle offer a great opportunity for kids to learn responsibility by taking care of an animal that is easy to train and care for.  Their small size makes bottle feeding easy for even very young kids. Taking care of an animal gives kids responsibility and they feel rewarded when they see their animal prosper.  The small size makes the calves seem desirable for kids of any age.

     Miniature cattle are made to order for home grown beef. With a national move toward healthy, hormone and chemically free food, miniature cattle have found a place.  Beef type miniature cattle offer big options in a smaller package.  These breeds and their crosses provide natural beef that can be raised and cared for at home with minimum equipment and feed expense. Miniature cattle are half the size of standard breeds but will still fill a freezer to about the right level for a small and growing family.

     They are perfect for the small farm or ranch. Many small farms are less than 25 acres but need to be as self reliant as possible. Most small farm owners have employment outside the farm and need the small farm to be efficient and easily managed. Time does not afford them an opportunity for full scale farming or ranching. Miniature cattle are time and labor efficient. They are easier on the land, equipment, facilities, and people. Cattle being herd animals are much more content being raised in groups. Two or more will be much happier than one. They’re docile, hearty, and easy calvers. Miniature cattle are low maintenance animals. Miniature cattle consume about one third the feed of full size cattle.

     Miniature cattle are a more easily managed animal, docile and easier on you, your pastures and your fences. A more efficient animal on feed and pasture. They mature earlier. Good fertility and easy calving. Less birthing and maternal problems. Produce ideal amount of designer steaks for a typical family freezer for direct marketing or home use. Miniature cattle can be a wise tax deductible investment.

     Interest in smaller, more efficient beef cattle is growing by leaps and bounds. The number of small hobbyists cattle breeders continues to grow and there are many miniature breeds available to fit their “back yard’ sized farms. Miniature cattle are small in size, efficient in feed conversion, have a gentle disposition. All this makes them the ideal choice for locations with minimal acreage.