Beef Cattle Marketing Ideas
A Few Things To Consider Including With Your Beef Cattle Marketing Ideas.
  • Registered Beef Cattle Marketing Ideas!
  • How do fellow breeders and customers see your farm or ranch operation?
  • Are you easy to find or would a ranch sign help in locating you?
  • Are your facilities neat and well maintained?
  • Are the cattle well presented and do you offer comfortable transportation for viewing them?

     How each person answers the above questions may play a part in your perceived image as a registered Cattle breeder. Other important aspects that define ones image are honesty, integrity and credibility,  these are noble words, lofty words, but words that apply in the purebred industry.

     Be honest with fellow breeders and customers; a handshake should still be as good as a contract. Integrity is essential especially as it applies to the accurate reporting of all information pertaining to your registered Cattle. You have the freedom and it is your responsibility to report the information correctly.

     To be credible, do what you say, and say what you mean. Treat your customers the way you want to be treated. There will be problems. Meet them head on and resolve them quickly. Give a little more than is necessary. Remember, a satisfied customer is the key to an enduring and successful program. It's up to you.

     The cattle business is a people business. Join and attend association functions. Get to know your fellow members. You will enjoy the social aspects, and by making a commitment to your association, you will improve your image and position in the registered Cattle industry.

     Once you have examined your operation and defined your image, next is to develop an effective promotion program. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Capitalize on your strengths and work to improve your weaknesses. Identify your market, your customers and marketing area. How can you best reach these people to promote your herd? A few methods are breed publications, papers, radio, TV, brochures, ranch signs, caps, pens and showing or exhibiting cattle. The advertising methods you use will depend on whom you are trying to reach. Advertise as often as your budget will allow, 3 to 5 percent of your total gross income from livestock sales is a reasonable figure.

     A theme or logo may help develop an image that is easily recognized and identifies your farm or ranch.  Surveys have shown that good photos account for 75 percent of the attention getting impact of an advertisement.  With this in mind, pay special attention to photo quality and hire a professional if necessary. A good photo is worth 1,000 words, a bad photo will only tarnish your image. Advertising and promotion simply create the atmosphere and the desire among the buying public to do business with you. Potential customers must have a desire to own your product, your registered Cattle, the results of a strong, honest breeding program.

     Always keep those bulls in front of the public so they can sell themselves. Seeing is believing and it also promotes "Word of Mouth" advertising and promotion.

     Good luck with your registered Cattle.


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