Kobe Beef What Is it

      For starters Kobe Beef is probably the most expensive beef in the world? Believed by most to be the most flavorable, most tender and most consistent in those areas.

Kobe Beef is a product from the Wagyu breed of beef cattle.

Today the Wagyu cattle are considered to be a Japanese breed of beef cattle that originated in Japan.

The term Kobe Beef seems to have originated with and be connected to the Kobe region of Japan because it is believed that area consistently produced the best and most consistent Wagyu beef cattle.

Some history tells us that Wagyu cattle were first introduced into Japan in the 2nd century to provide power for the cultivation of rice. The cattle were more or less isolated in smaller regions and not moved around much for many years. Cattle in the Kobe region seemed to excel but Wagyu cattle from other regions of Japan were not far behind.

     Wagyu cattle did not come to the USA until the 1990’s. Through genetic technology and American Ingenuity the cattle have thrived and improved to a high degree. Today you can purchase American Style Kobe Beef and once you experience its taste and tenderness you are hooked. However, due to its budget buster price, it will remain a delicacy for most of us and only consumed on extremely rare occasions.

The Wagyu Beef Cattle Breed is the breed that produces the world renowned Kobe Beef of Japan. The beef is extremely tender and tasty, with a concentration of flavor that arguably exceeds that of other common breeds. The texture of this incredible steak carries an extra softness along with that world renowned buttery Kobe flavor.

Kobe Beef, American Style is available in the USA and billed as:
* Extremely Tender and Tasty
* Has Incredible Texture that carries an extra softness
* Raised in America without hormones or antibiotics
* Has been graded Prime by the USDA
* The most popular cut seems to be Bone-out Prime Rib Roast that can be cut into individual rib-eye steaks or roasted as a whole Prime Rib. It makes for the ultimate prime rib roast or individual grilled rib-eye steaks.

In the USA you can buy Kobe Beef, American Style through Amazon. If like most Americans you believe High Quality comes at a High Price you should check the availability of Kobe Beef from Amazon. Click HERE or on the image below.

Kobe Beef American Style

Whether you intend to buy or not it is still worth a look, call it an education.

Kobe Beef, American Style

     Prime is the highest grade the USDA awards. This Bone-out Prime Rib Roast can be cut into individual rib-eye steaks or roasted as a whole Prime Rib.  When you want to impress that important guest or just reward yourself and your family on a special occasion or holiday, a roasted Wagyu Beef Roast is the perfect choice!