Cattle Prices

Do You Understand Cattle Prices?

Does anybody?

One day recently I did a little research and found three different views:

  1. Cattle prices trending lower with the economy.
  2. Beef Cattle Prices level off.
  3. Watch for a rebound in cattle prices as indicators point towards a recovery in the economy.

Take your pick! None of them had enough details for me to understand where they came up with the information to substantiate their views. I came to the conclusion that I probably know as much about it as those experts who get paid to write about cattle prices.

And that is what prompted me to post this page on my beef cattle website.

I wanted to provide you with a link to cattle prices that will allow you to do your own research and guess work but soon learned that the official government site that was kept updated by the USDA Agricultural Marketing Services has been discontinued under the Obama presidency. It allowed you to get a pretty good handle on the cattle price in most any part of the USA, for instance from an older report I see that cow/calf pairs were sold for $500 to $660 per pair at Emory, Texas on 11/17/09. My original research was done on 11/20/09. See complete Emory report for Tuesday 11/17/09 below. This is just an example and is nowhere close to being current.

Cattle Prices

Would you like to review one Country Boy’s research into Beef Cattle Marketing that leads to a better understanding of how Beef Cattle Prices are  established? Click Here!

As of today February 24, 2016 I could  visit this page to decipher the Cattle Prices for most areas.