Cattle Farming Niches

Cattle Farming is a large and important segment of American agriculture and one of the largest industries in the world. Cattle farming enterprises work well with most all other farm production practices such as small grains, fruit orchards, vegetables and others. The livestock will help make efficient use of the many feed   resources that have little alternative use, such as crop residues, marginal cropland, untillable land, rough non-navigable land by wheeled vehicles or rangeland that cannot produce crops other than grass.

      If you are lucky enough to own land but work full-time off the farm, a beef cattle farming operation can be the least labor-intensive ways to utilize your land. You will find a cattle or livestock farming business to be well suited for you to use family or surplus labor. Most all of your labor intensive projects such as , calving, weaning, vaccinations, castration, and weighing may be planned for times when your labor is available. Like when the college kids are home for a school vacation such as July 4th, Thanksgiving or Christmas.

     As in most businesses some advance planning may be needed for your farming enterprise to be successful. Some thing to consider are resources like; how much land is available and your level of interest before deciding to engage in the beef cattle business. Accumulate as much information and resources related to your planned busines as possible and study everything thoroughly.

     Next you will want to try to identify why you want to have a cattle farming business. You should then define a mission statement and set some goals to achieve the most constant economic return or personal satisfaction. Do your best to be sure all of this is clearly defined, firmly fixed, is achievable, and can be done within a realistic time frame. Without this your entry into the business may lack meaning that could create a lost objective and cause you to lose focus.

     In most cases where you are limited in size and scope due to the number of acres available you may find the most profitable route to be raising registered cattle. Registered cattle of any breed should always command a higher selling price, cost the same amount to feed and do not follow the same ups and downs in the economy that seem to control the commercial cattle operations.

     Many newcomers to the cattle farming business have found it easier to get established , become a part of the breed community and become recognized as someone who is a serious breeder by starting with a minor breed. You may find those involved within the breed more devoted to their animals than those who raise a breed that everyone seems to have.

     Once you are established and become successful you will find there is no better living experience anywhere than being able to live on a few acres where you can have all the comforts of the city plus the enjoyments of the rural life style. And you may be surprised when you discover how much impact a small Beef Cattle Farming business can contribute towards the overall income and reductions in expense.

  • Commercial Cattle Farming
    Commercial cattle farming is usually the easier way for first timers to get started in raising cattle but for a small operation the returns are usually much better for a registerd cattle operation.
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  • Grassfed Beef
    In today’s fast moving “Health Life Style” environment the Grassfed Beef niche is probably the fastest growing part of the cattle industry. is it for you?
  • Miniature Cattle
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  • Pedigreed Cattle
    Raising Pedigreed Cattle and keeping the quality high is an excellent choice for a small cattle farm. Higher valued animals in limited quantity may be your best choice…