Best Beef Cattle Breed

Have you ever thought to yourself or just questioned “What is Best Beef Cattle Breed” or maybe you have been asked “What is the Best Beef Cattle Breed for me to raise?”

Usually my best answer comes out like this:
It is virtually impossible to answer a question like that because each breed has certain strengths and weaknesses which either enhances or restricts its application to certain specific production environments. A better question might be “Which type of cattle is best for my situation?” This narrows the field of possible choices from hundreds of breeds to just four basic “types”. The types include English, Exotic, Zebu, and Dairy.

Or like this:
Find out what breeds do well in your area, pick out one and learn to like it.

It seems lately this question has been coming up more often than in the past and I believe it is due mainly to two things; (1) more small acreage owners wanting to start a cattle farm and (2) the experts forecast that the beef cattle business is headed for several years of good prices due to cattle numbers.

Black seems to be in so far as commercial cattle are concerned but sometimes it is hard to tell what color they were when the hide is off. With this thought in mind I started looking for another way to see if I could gather an insight as to the most popular breed of cattle.

Due to today’s high tech environment and information overload we are exposed to by the Internet I thought why not ask online and see what we can come up with. Since so many folks today like to tell you to just Google it that is what I did.

According to Google in January 2012 this list is the top breeds of cattle searched for in the USA. They are listed in the order of number of searches from most to least. Who would have thought Angus would be number six and I also wonder why it is the only one searched as beef cattle when all the other breeds are just cattle.

01 Hereford cattle
02 Longhorn cattle
03 Highland cattle
04 Holstein cattle
05 Wagyu cattle
06 Angus beef cattle
07 Brahman cattle
08 Shorthorn cattle
09 Simmental cattle
10 Limousin cattle
11 Charolais cattle
12 Brangus cattle
13 Brown Swiss cattle
14 Galloway cattle
15 Beefmaster cattle
16 Red Angus cattle
17 Belgian Blue cattle
18 Zebu cattle
19 Watusi cattle
20 Devon cattle
21 Lowline Angus cattle
22 Ayrshire cattle
23 Gelbvieh cattle
24 Santa Gertrudis cattle
25 Belted Galloway cattle
26 Chianina cattle
27 Piedmonts cattle
28 Salers cattle
29 Braford cattle
30 British white cattle
31 White Park cattle
32 Pinzgauer cattle
33 Milking Shorthorn cattle
34 Braunvieh cattle
35 Friesian cattle
36 Murray grey cattle
37 Simbrah cattle
38 Tarentaise cattle
39 Red Brangus cattle
40 Black Hereford cattle
41 Senepol cattle
42 South Devon cattle
43 Tuli cattle
44 Buelingo cattle
45 Bonsmara cattle
46 Welsh Black cattle
47 Droughtmaster cattle
48 Boran cattle
49 Speckle park cattle
50 Luing cattle

Now that I have the list and as time permits I will continue researching and try to learn as much as possible about the finer points of each breed and post my results to one of my other Websites, probably under a title or category as or similar to “Best Beef Cattle Breed” in hopes that the information may be interesting to a few folks.