Beef Cattle Seminar

Was A Great Seminar in Spite of A Typical Texas Spring Rainstorm
Distance Prize Winners Were From New York
Thanks Gearld

April 2, 2010
Registration & Coffee Starts at 8:00 am

Gearld Fry Beef Cattle Seminar

Presented by Gearld Fry - Home Phone:501-556-5040 Cell: 501-454-3252
Hosted by Morris Halliburton at Halliburton Farms sale Facility, Bells, Texas
Call Morris at: Office:903-965-7718 or Home: 903-965-4509

Fee for Gearld's one day training seminar is $125.00, Complimentary light lunch will be served at the facility. Space is limited, reserve your spot in Gearld's seminar now by sending your check and registration information to Halliburton Farms, 200 Halliburton Dr, Bells, TX 75414 or you may sign up below and pay by PayPal or Credit Card.

Program is not breed specific and topics to be covered will include:
1. Genetics - The Next Big Thing
2. Building The Paternal Herd Bull and Improving Your Herd With Each Generation.
3. Selecting Cattle For Grass Utilization, Quality of Meat, Milk & Fats and Performance, all on grass. The Animal That Does Well On Grass Will Explode In The Feedlot.
4. Using the genetics in your herd to be profitable selling your grass through your cows and making your cattle more profitable in the feed lot.
5. Understanding your genetics for creating your own paternal herd bull from your own cow herd.
6. How to build an ordinary cow herd into a valuable cow herd.
7. At what age do I need to wean my calves for the most production per animal and longevity of that animal.
8. At what age do I breed for the most production from each cow and longevity of that animal.
9. Linear Measuring is used to set the standards for most of these selection and management practices and we will have a Linear Measuring Demonstration With Live Cattle. "How To Linear Measure and Select Gourmet Beef."


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