Beef Bulls

     Information relative to Selection and Management For Beef Bulls

     When selecting and managing beef bulls a beef cattle breeder should never forget that the herd bull contributes fifty percent of each calf crop. Within just a few breeding seasons the bull contributes well over half the genetics in any herd.

     A breeder can make more progress by either developing his own or purchasing the best bull available to use as his herd bull. This will always be the number one area where it does not pay to be conservative. Do not short yourself when the bull you know you need costs a few dollars more.

  • Beef Cattle Yearling Bull Management
    Once learned and properly applied beef cattle yearling bull management can make a significant impact on your bottom line.
  • Bull Selection and Management
    BULL SELECTION and management when done right will contribute to more than fifty percent of the improvement in your beef cattle herd.
  • How To See and Select A Fertile Bull
    How To See and Select A Fertile Bull is For Seed Stock and Commercial Breeders. Learn bull selection right. it is the most important decision you will make in the beef cattle business.